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M2Tech Young DAC Mk iv

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Brand: M2Tech

The M2Tech Young DAC is the latest version of the highly acclaimed DAC within M2Tech’s Rockstar series of products. This brand new version is available now from Sound Aid.

The Young MkIV is much more than a simple update of the previous model. M2Tech thoroughly redesigned everything from the scratch, opting for a new, more advanced conversion IC from Asahi Kasei catalogue (the AK4497), adding an I2S input with PS Audio standard and extending MQA decoding to all inputs (except Bluetooth).

The Young MkIV is now capable of 768kHz PCM and 512x DSD.

They also added a headphones output on 6.35mm jack driven by a high quality dedicated class-AB amplifier by Texas Instruments.

Both single-ended and balanced outputs are now available without the need for any adaptor, and each output (SE, balanced and headphones) has its own independent volume setting.

M2Tech also added iOS connectivity for the control app, which is now available for both Android phones and iPhones.

Soundwise the increase is little short than huge: detail is increased without any listening fatigue, bass is now tighter, deeper and more articulate, overall the sound presentation is more authoritative and impressive. A very gentle treble, typical of Velvet Sound AKM devices, makes for a true analog-like feeling.

The Young MkIV can be used together with the Van Der Graaf MkII for an even better listening experience.

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