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M2Tech Evo Supply Two

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This is the extremely low noise battery power supply from M2Tech’s Evo Two range.

When it comes to high audio performance, the quality of the current being delivered to a hi-fi unit is overly important. Noise in the supply current may be injected into the sound or couple with critical circuits, like the clock, leading to less-than-optimal performance.

A low noise supply is therefore mandatory to squeeze the last bit of sound quality out of your DAC or amplifier. Of course, a low noise design involves quality, room occupation and cost way beyond those acceptable in budget designs.

That’s why M2Tech offers the Evo Supply Two: users who purchased any DAC from Evo Two lineup or the hiFace Evo Two may later allocate some more budget to increase their performance by adding the Evo Supply Two.

Extremely easy to use, its benefits go from the higher stability of the clocks (with related increased soundstage sharpness and details rendition) to a darker background due to the lower noise floor.


90-265VAC, 50/60Hz (C7 socket)


3 x 9VDC (5.5/2.1mm jack)

Output voltage:


Total output current:

2A (peak) 1.33A (continuous)

Residual noise:

3uVrms (5Hz to 22kHz)

Power consumption:



105x100x46mm (wxdxh)


net 0.4kg
gross 0.7g

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