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M2Tech Evo DAC Two Plus

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This is the DAC from M2Tech’s Evo Two range.

The Evo DAC Two Plus offers all you could ask from a Digital-to-Analog converter: wealth of input connections, high sampling rates, high resolution, versatility, remote control, preamplifier capability, compact size… Plus a great sound!.

Thanks to its premium Sabre DAC, the Evo DAC Two Plus delivers crystal-clear sound from every source, be it a high resolution file from your computer, a CD read by your CD transport or an MP3 from your smartphone, rivalling much more expensive units.

Its extreme versatility allows users to push its performance to the highest peaks, in a step-by-step fashion.

Thanks to the remote control, the Evo DAC Two Plus is the perfect preamplifier for desktop systems or for secondary systems in your bedroom or in your vacations home, particularly if you use it to drive active speakers or a compact power amplifier.

It is also the perfect solution for small compact systems.

Performance can be enhanced by using either the M2Tech Evo Supply Two or the Van Der Graaf Mkii, both of which are available from Sound Aid.


Optical (Toslink)
USB 2.0 high speed
I2S (HDMI, PS Audio standard)
external clock (BNC)


analog single-ended (RCA)
external clock info (Toslink)

Sample frequencies:

PCM 44.1kHz to 384kHz
DoP 64X to 128X
Native DSD 64x to 256x

PCM resolution:

16 bits to 32 bits

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:




Output Voltage:


Output impedance:

2 Ohms

Input impedance:

75 Ohms (SPDIF and external clock)
110 Ohms (AESEBU)
100 Ohms (I2S)

Supply voltage:

7.5VDC to 15VDC

Power Consumption:

2.5W (@ 9VDC supply)


105x100x46mm (wxdxh)


net 0,3kg
gross 0,7kg

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