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Cambridge Audio DACMAGIC 2 DAC

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Fully serviced and upgraded Cambridge Audio DACMAGIC 2 DAC

We have 2 units both of which are in exceptional condition and 1 of which comes in its original box.

This DAC was already an extremely well thought out and well designed unit. It uses 3 separate mains transformers to provide separate analogue and digital power supplies for each channel. This simply cannot be done nowadays at anywhere near this price point. This approach is only now found on vastly expensive DACs, such as those produced by the likes of Bricasti. This product really is a genuine bargain!

Our engineers have serviced it and have upgraded its internal components resulting in a product that produces superior sound thanks to the improvements we have made:

  • we have replaced the critical components throughout with superior audio grade parts which are much improved over the factory fitted components
  • the parts used by us have been selected and applied in an intelligent and cost effective way in order to maximise the circuitry and produce an excellent sound
  • all work has been undertaken by qualified electronics engineers with may years experience within the audio industry

This is a product that far outperforms its price!

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