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FM tuner upgrade from Sound Aid

June 29, 2021

Sound Aid carry out quality upgrades to existing audio equipment including FM tuners.

Audio equipment such as FM tuners from leading brands is a combination of electronic components and circuitry designed to cover function, appearance and cost. The question of sound quality is a compromise driven by cost of components used. 

In other words, units are built to a price and cost rather than sound quality is the determining factor in production.

We take these products and breathe new life into them by stripping out the mediocre components and replace these parts with quality components resulting in huge improvements in performance.

Just read what John H had to say about a TEAC T-H300 tuner he bought from us:

The Teac is up and running – the sound is amazing, didn’t believe it could sound so much better than the Arcam. We are well pleased, thanks so much!

You can also benefit from our upgraded equipment – get in touch with Sound Aid now about having your own equipment upgraded or buying one of our tuners, turntables or amplifiers we have already upgraded.