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August 31, 2021

Last week I received 2 items from Amazon – or, rather didn’t receive 2 items from Amazon.
In one instance I had ordered a mobile phone and only received a box with charger and earphones and in the other instance received a landline telephone minus the batteries.

Several hundred of Her Majesty’s £s is a lot to pay for a charger and earphones and I was not best pleased and made that fact fairly obvious during a telephone call with Amazon. To be fair to them they sent out a 2nd phone there and then.

The 2nd item was simply returned for refund, which was paid.

A few moments ago I received an email from Amazon saying they had “noticed that you have requested refunds or replacements for a large number of orders because you reported that there was an item missing from the package”

This is my response:

Good evening

Thank you for your email of 13 August 2021 timed at 19:09 which,, I have to say I was very surprised to receive.
I can only think of 2 instances of items I have complained about with regard to missing contents:

  1. ORDER # 204-6675862-2289139 which was a mobile telephone. The package arrived minus mobile though the accessories were there. I did notice the box (which I still have) was marked ‘Amazon Warehouse’ and bore signs of having been opened. I called your support line forthwith and found your representative to have been extremely helpful. A replacement was arranged during that call.
  2. ORDER # 204-3985217-6600351 related to a landline telephone. That package also bore signs of having been opened. When I opened it up there were no batteries at all. I suspect that item bene one that had been returned to you already.
    I am a heavy user of Amazon and given the number of purchases I have made over the years do not it at all appropriate for you to have sent your email to me – particularly as you had failed to deliver what had been ordered.
    I might add that when I mentioned ORDER # 204-6675862-2289139 to friends and family one family member confirmed he had encountered precisely the same problem with the same make of mobile in that you delivered a box containing only accessories.
    Having looked back at my transactions with you, I returned another mobile phone under reference Order # 203-8957902-3537937 because it was faulty. I ordered and paid for another. I received word from you that my return consisted of only an empty box. I argued my case with you that I had returned absolutely everything and eventually received a full refund.
    It is patently obvious your organisation is woefully incompetent, or, you have someone within your organisation stealing items from you. I would be interested to know which it is and look forward to receiving your comments.
    You state: If you believe you may have received this message in error, or if you would like to clarify your order activity, please respond to this email within 30 days. For the avoidance of any doubt whatsoever and for the sake of clarification let me be crystal clear that I object in the strongest possible terms to receiving your email. As mentioned, I am a very regular buyer and have been for many years. The 2 instances above cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, amount to an unusually high number of missing items. What it does amount to is an attempt by you to blame me for your own incompetence, inadequacy and inability to trace individuals within your own organisation who are stealing goods bought and paid for in good faith by loyal customers.
    I trust I have made my position sufficiently clear and look forward to receiving your apology.
    Donald Pirie